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Voting Process

Eligibility Period:  May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015

A project, song or artist may be entered in to the GMA Dove Awards submission process by either one of two methods


Record, Print Publishing and Distribution Companies may submit in all categories except SONG, SONGWRITER, ARTIST (CONTEMPORARY, SOUTHERN GOSPEL & GOSPEL), ARTIST, NEW ARTIST.  If an employee of an approved Record or Print Publishing Company desires to submit individually, he/she must be an active Professional Member by the Membership cut off date. 

In addition, depending on the category, there are further qualifications such has:

Albums:  Must be comprised of no less than six songs AND must have first week sales tracked by either Christian Sound Scan or General Market Sound Scan from the first day of May to the last day of April preceding the Dove Awards year. (Example, for a Dove Awards Event in October 2015, eligibility period is May 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015).

Recorded Songs:  Must be included on a qualified Album (see above) or must be released to national radio as a single during the same eligibility period.

Only entries that meet all criteria for that respective category will be screened by the GMA Dove Awards Screening Committee and placed in the First Voting Round.

From the First Voting Round, only the top five* per category are considered nominees and will continue on the Final Voting Round which determines the winners.  (Some categories will have more than 5 nominees.  See Rules for details.)


Professional Members of the GMA vote in all Dove Awards Voting Rounds.  If employees of an approved Record or Print Publishing Company desire to vote, he/she must be active an Professional Member of the GMA by the Membership cut off date. GMA iMembers are eligible to vote on the final ballot in five categories of their choosing. You may join the GMA on line today at www.gospelmusic.org.

46th Annual GMA Dove Awards Categories

Category # / Category

Division I

1.   Song of the Year 

2.   Songwriter of the Year (Artist)

3.   Songwriter of the Year (Non-Artist)

4.   Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year 

5.   Southern Gospel Artist of the Year 

6.   Gospel Artist of the Year Category 

7.   Artist of the Year 

8.   New Artist of the Year 

9.   Producer of the Year 


10.  Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year 

11.  Rock Recorded Song of the Year 

12.  Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year    

13.  Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year         

14.  Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year          

15.  Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year 

16.  Bluegrass Recorded Song of the Year 

17.  Country Recorded Song of the Year 

18.  Contemporary Gospel/Urban Recorded Song of the Year

19.  Traditional Gospel Recorded Song of the Year    

20.  Worship Song of the Year


21.  Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year 

22.  Rock Album of the Year 

23.  Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year 

24.  Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year 

25.  Inspirational Album of the Year 

26.  Southern Gospel Album of the Year 

27.  Bluegrass/Country Album of the Year 

28.  Contemporary Gospel/Urban Album of the Year 

29.  Traditional Gospel Album of the Year 


30.  Children’s Music Album of the Year 

31.  Spanish Language Album of the Year     

32.  Special Event Album of the Year 

33.  Christmas Album of the Year 

34.  Praise & Worship Album of the Year 


35.  Musical of the Year

36.  Youth/Children’s Musical of the Year 

37.  Choral Collection of the Year 

38.  Recorded Music Packaging of the Year 

39.  Short Form Music Video of the Year 

40.  Long Form Music Video of the Year 

41.  Inspirational Film of the Year

Division II

Division III

Division IV

Division V

If you have questions regarding the GMA Dove Awards voting process,

please contact the GMA office at​ dove@gospelmusic.org.

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