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Policies and Procedures 2014 - 2015



Download a copy here.

General Overview of Policies & Procedures
Eligibility, Submissions & Balloting
​​​​​​The mission of The Gospel Music Association is to expose, promote,
and celebrate the Gospel through music.

I.  PURPOSE – The Dove Awards help the Gospel Music Association (GMA) accomplish its mission by publicly honoring those persons who have demonstrated excellence or significant accomplishment in the field of Christian/Gospel music.  

II.  SUBMITTED ENTRY ELIGIBILITY – All persons who are members in good standing of the Gospel Music Association in the professional membership category, or who have submitted a complete professional membership application accompanied by the prescribed membership fee, by APRIL 30, 2015, approved record companies, and approved print publishers shall be entitled to submit entries in the GMA Dove Awards selection process with respect to the awards to be presented during the current calendar year.


III.  VOTING ELIGIBILITY –  All Professional Members of the GMA (active as of July 14, 2015) are entitled to vote on the GMA Dove Awards First Ballot.  All Professional Members and iMembers of the GMA (active as of August 14, 2015) are entitled to vote on the GMA Dove Awards Second Ballot.  Professional members are entitled to vote in all GMA Dove Award categories, according to the guidelines specified on the ballot. iMembers are entitled to vote in five categories of their choosing. 



In all categories except 1-8, the GMA must receive each entry from three or more of its Professional Members or one previously approved Record Company/Print Publisher, for that entry to be move forward in the submission/balloting process.


Product must have general distribution and be tracked by SoundScan in the United States (except for categories 2 thru 8, which do not need to be tracked by SoundScan). 


“For purposes of GMA Dove Award eligibility, the content of all entries will be: based upon the​ historically orthodox Christian faith contained in or derived from the Holy Bible; or apparently​ prompted and informed by a Christian world-view.”

V.  SUBMISSION/BALLOTING PROCESS – The process for the GMA Dove Awards consists of an online Submission form, a review process of submitted product, and two separate online ballots.

VI.  TABULATION OF BALLOTS – The GMA will employ an independent accounting firm to supervise the Dove Awards balloting procedures ensuring all nominations and votes comply with its guidelines set forth by the Awards and Criteria committee. 

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